www.wfm.com/feedback – Whole Food Market Survey

Describe your experience when you visited the Whole Foods Market Store the last time.

Tell all about your experience and satisfaction level, whether it is bad or good. Let the company know all about it. 

You can do it, by taking part in the whole foods market survey on their official website http://www.wfm.com/feedback.

To know all about it, read this article till the end and you are done. 

About Whole Foods Market Survey: 

Whole Foods Market Inc. is an American multinational supermarket chain headquartered in Austin, Texas that sells products that are free of hydrogenated fats and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. 

As of March 4, 2019, Whole Foods has 500 stores in North America and the UK. 

If you visit Whole Foods regularly, you have a great chance to take part in the Whole Foods sweepstakes and win a $250 gift card.

You can take advantage of this opportunity through the Whole Foods Survey.

To take advantage of this great offer, you must complete a Whole Foods Market Guest Experience Survey based on your most recent experience at this grocery center.

With this survey, you will be able to improve the store and make your experience better than the last time of your visit by just giving honest answers.

Criticisms, suggestions, appraisals, everything is welcome, it just needs to be honest. It’s all about you – customers, so make sure you are taking the Whole Foods market survey seriously. Now, let’s look at the rules. 

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Rules for Whole Foods Market

You will always need to follow some rules, no matter whatever you do.

So, in order to enter in the Whole Foods market survey, you need to follow some set of rules to begin –

  • People who are taking part in Whole Food Market Survey should make sure that they are legal resident of the US. 

  • Under 18 years of age, people are not allowed. 

  • No employees, their family members, store specialists, or anyone related to the store is not allowed. 

  • A real and recent purchase receipt will be very helpful and would be needed at the start of Whole Food Market Survey. 

  • Valid email id and contact details should be carried too. 

  • A good and stable net connection is very important. 

  • Make sure that participants should have a knowledge of the English language. 

  • Each person can enter for one time in every month only. 

  • Prizes are nontransferable. 

  • No cash option is available. 

  • The Whole Foods market survey should be done within the limited time period. 

Process For Whole Foods Market

  • In order to enter Whole Food Market Survey, you need to first visit their website – http://www.wfm.com/feedback.

    There you will be asked for some details like transaction ID, store number, date of visit, etc.
  • These details are mentioned in your receipt. Once you are done filling the required details, click on next to proceed.

    Check the above-mentioned image for reference. 
  • On the next page of the Whole Foods Market survey, you will be asked to rate your satisfaction and experience level.
  • Rate it honestly and from now on make sure you are answering everything honestly as the main survey has begun.
  • Also, the questions would mostly be about you – your satisfaction level, your experience, the service you got, the products quality, the nature of the store, and basically everything that needs to be improved in order to enhance your experience. 
  • Moreover, at the end of the whole foods market survey, you will be asked for some basic personal details like contact details, address, etc.

    That would help them contact you if you are the lucky winner.
  • So, do that and click on submit or next to proceed. With that, you are done with Whole Food Market Survey

Contact details : 

  • Address- Whole Foods Market Inc., 550 Bowie StreetAustin, TX78703-4644. 
  • Phone no. – (512) 477-4455 and (512) 482-7000 or 1-844-936-8255.

Conclusion – 

We are at the end of the article, and we hope you liked this article and found it helpful as we have mentioned everything about the whole foods market survey that you needed to know about in order to take it.