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Recently, Staples announced a new customer satisfaction survey that allows customers to rate their experience with the store on a 1-10 scale. This is an interesting initiative because it gives customers a chance to share their thoughts about the brand and how it’s changing or improving their shopping experience.

Satisfaction with Staples Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, many people feel that Staples falls short. The satisfaction index found on the Staples website shows that customers are generally not happy with the company’s services. In fact, only 45% of those who responded to the satisfaction survey rated their experience as either satisfied or very satisfied. This indicates that a majority of customers are not content with how their interactions with Staples have gone.

One potential reason for this may be because Staples does not always offer the best customer service options. For example, the survey found that nearly half of respondents (47%) said they were not happy with how quickly their request was handled. Additionally, 31% of those surveyed said they were unhappy with the quality of customer service they received. These findings suggest that some customers may be unsatisfied with how Staples handles even the simplest requests.

Despite these issues, many people still use Staples because of its low prices and wide range of products. However, if customers are unhappy with how they are treated or what they receive in return, it may be difficult to keep them as loyal customers.

Some Important Requirements of Staples Survey

  • One, Basic Knowledge of English & Spanish Language.
  • Two, Staples Survey receipt.
  • Three, Your device Mobile, phone, or PC and computer with connected internet.
  • More details scroll down the website or click here.

How To Take the Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey

Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Then, click on the “Next” button.
Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • After that, choice {Survey Code or My survey code is expired/invalid.} & click on the “Next” button.
Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Then, enter the 19-digit survey code from your receipt (without spaces or dashes).
Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Now, Click on the “Next” button.

Satisfaction with the Quality of Staples Products

At Staples, we appreciate our customers and work hard to provide the best possible service. In order to gauge customer satisfaction with our products, we recently conducted a survey. The results are in, and they show that customers are happy with the quality of our products.

We’ve heard countless times that customers appreciate good quality products. And it seems that our customers agree – overall, 84% of those who responded said they were satisfied with the quality of Staples products. This includes items like office supplies, printer cartridges, and paper products.

In addition, 78% of respondents said that they would definitely or probably purchase from Staples again in the near future. Clearly, our customers are happy with what we offer and are looking for ways to keep returning!

Satisfaction with the Time it Takes to Receive Orders

The majority of Staples customers are satisfied with the time it takes to receive orders. This is especially true for customers who place regular orders with Staples. Nearly three-quarters of these customers are satisfied with the time it takes to receive their orders, which is significantly higher than the satisfaction rate for customers who only order occasionally from Staples.
The satisfaction rate for customers who only order occasionally from Staples is only 44%. This is likely due to the fact that irregular or one-time orders may take longer to process than regular orders. For customers who place regular orders with Staples, the satisfaction rate is almost 80%.
These findings suggest that providing faster shipping times for regular order customers would be beneficial for the company. In addition, increasing the number of locations where orders can be placed would also help speed up the processing time for these orders.

Satisfaction with the E-Commerce Features at Staples

For many customers, the online shopping experience is a good one. A recent Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey found that 78 percent of respondents are satisfied with the e-commerce features offered by the company. This high satisfaction rate is likely due to easy access to product information and the ability to place orders quickly and easily.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey. Your input is very important to us, and your responses will help us continue to improve our services and products. We appreciate your participation!