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You want to access the Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal, right? With the help of the Jefferson Radiology patient portal, you can schedule an appointment or look up your health and medical information. You must first register on the Jefferson Radiology patient site if you are new.

We’ll walk you through the entire process of logging into the Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal in this article. Moreover, you can look at the alternatives for password resets and the registration process. We have provided the email address and phone number for Jefferson Radiology customer care in case you require any additional assistance.

About The Jefferson Radiology

At Jefferson Radiology, we work hard to deliver top-notch radiological care in a welcoming setting.

The oldest radiology practice group in Connecticut, Jefferson Radiology was founded in 1963. With affiliations to eight local hospitals and nine imaging facilities in central Connecticut, Jefferson Radiology provides a range of services and a level of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology competence that is unmatched in the area. Doctors with fellowship training and a highly skilled staff are dedicated to offering excellent patient care and prompt service.

How to Create an Account on the Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal?

If you are a new patient at Jefferson Radiology, you must first register on their patient portal. To sign up, follow the steps below.

  • Check out Jefferson Radiology’s website.
Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal
Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal
  • To start a new account, click the Signup link.
Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal
  • Complete the signup process by entering your name, email, and other information.
Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your your address. Please keep your login information safe for future use.
  • You may now access your patient portal.

How can I access the patient portal for Jefferson Radiology?

You will need to have your patient user id and password in order to access the Jefferson Radiology patient portal. You can proceed with the login process if you’re a patient.

  • Visit the Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal’s official website.
  • Then, select Patient Portal Login link.
  • Click the login button after providing your username and password for login.
Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal
  • Your patient portal dashboard will be shown.
  • You can now access your medical records, schedule appointments, pay bills, and more.

How can I reset my password for the patient portal?

By following these few instructions, you may simply reset your password if you lose it.

Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal
  • They will email you a link to reset your password.
  • You can get access to it and modify the password.

How can I modify my username on the Jefferson Radiology patient portal?

This section will be very helpful to you if you can’t remember your account username. Simply follow the instructions below to quickly get your username.

Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal
  • Using the provided email address, a link to retrieve your password will be given to you.
  • Click the link, follow the instructions, and you can obtain your username.
  • If you follow these steps, you can get your username in a matter of seconds.

Customer Service for Jefferson Radiology

If you are having trouble scheduling an appointment or logging into the Jefferson Radiology patient portal. Calling their customer service is an option.

  • Address:
  • Administrative Office (no radiology services provided at this location)
  • 111 Founders Plaza
  • Suite 400
  • East Hartford, CT 06108


Everything pertaining to Jefferson Radiology Patient Portal Login, Signup, and Customer Support has been covered. You can get in touch with us if you continue to experience problems, and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.