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Searching for login details for the CCHC patient portal? You can access the CCHC patient portal if you need to schedule an appointment or look up your CCHC health and medical records. If you are brand-new, you must first register at the CCHC patient site.

We’ll walk you through the entire process of logging into the CCHC Patient Portal in detail in this article. There are various choices for the registration procedure and password reset. You can contact CCHC Customer Service by phone or email if you require more help.

About The CCHC Healthcare  

In New Bern, North Carolina, CCHC is a multi-specialty group practice with a sizable primary care provider population. The business dates back to 1962 even though it was founded in 1998.

The goal of CCHC is to improve patient health by offering high-quality, compassionate, all-inclusive, and individualized medical treatment. The goal of CCHC is to continually satisfy the patients’ evolving expectations for medical care.

How Do I Register With The CCHC Patient Portal?

You need to have a working email address in order to register for the CCHC Patient Portal. Also, you’ll need to come up with a username and password. You can log in and see your medical records once you’ve made an account.

The steps are as follows to register:

  • First, visit the CCHC Health Care Website website.
  • Then, click on the “Patient Portal” option in the home page.
CCHC Patient Portal
  • Create patient new account enter your information such as:
  1. Notifications Email
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Zip Code
  6. Home Phone Number (optional)
  7. Social Security Number (optional)
  • in the field that is required.
CCHC Patient Portal
  • To finish the process, click on the “Confirm and Continue” button.

How can I access the patient portal at CCHC?

It’s simple to log in to the CCHC Patient Portal. Just adhere to these easy steps:

CCHC Patient Portal
  • Then, click on the “Sign In” button.
  • If you don’t already have a login, click the “Create an Account” link and adhere to the setup instructions.

You may view your medical records, make appointments, and more once you’ve logged in.

How Can I Change My Password For The CCHC Patient Portal?

Do not panic if you have forgotten your CCHC Patient Portal password. The steps below make it simple to reset:

  • Type your login into the pop-up box and press the “Submit” button.
CCHC Patient Portal
  • Check your email inbox to see whether CCHC has sent you a message with more information about changing your password.
  • Please check your spam folder if you don’t see this message.

To successfully reset your password and log into the portal, follow the instructions in the email.

How Can I Modify My Patient Portal Username For CCHC?

The steps below should be followed if you need to update your username for the CCHC Patient Portal:

  1. Email
  2. Phone Number
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Date of Birth
  • In the form.
  • Type in your new username under the “Username” area and click the “Update Profile” button.

Customer Service

If you experience any difficulties logging into the CCHC Patient Portal or scheduling an appointment, get in touch with CCHC Customer Help.

Contact Coastal Carolina Health Care, P.A.

Physical Address:
1020 Medical Park Ave.
New Bern, North Carolina 28562

Post Office Box:
P.O. Box 12248
New Bern, NC 28561

T: 252-514-6685 | 252-514-2061
F: 252-514-2745


Everything about the CCHC Patient Portal login, registration, and customer assistance has been covered. You can get in touch with us if you continue to experience problems, and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.